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Hidden Souls 2

リリース : 2005/07
配給会社・レーベル : Slow B Productions/DJ Consortium
Markus Ekholm is the talent responsible for "Hidden Souls 2". Equipped with boundless inspiration only natural talent can lend, he masterfully compiled the sound of a new generation. A gifted performer, he writes music, plays keys, DJs, produces, and designs. At only 25 years old, his production credits list an array of styles and genres. DJ COA often speaks of Markus in high regard! "At the studio we call him "Midas". Markus is not only gifted but he shares his creativity with everyone. It's inspiring to say the least. In the end, we all present with the same zeal he possesses. Sample the sounds now and you may find yourself in agreement as well. If this cd is any indication of what's to come , it won't be long before Mr. Ekholm will be known by the mere mention of his first name." "Hidden Souls 2" is a blend of neo soul, chilled grooves, and funky R&B. Conceptually, it aims to bridge the gap between the popular and the "underground". The project introduces new artists who will excite and rejuvenate public interest in real music. Soul enthusiast-mixtape legend DJ Come of Age brings a rich cornucopia of talent from the likes of Hengi, Meldeah, Slowmo, Term, Wendisue, and Slow B Productions. With avid support on independent radio, college radio, and podcasts, the compilation created a stir months before the official release. "We are grateful for all the love and support we receive. Every email we get from our fans and fellow musicians keeps us motivated. Technology has made it easier to reach out. With digital downloads, it has been feasible to connect and distribute to fans across the globe."


Unheralded-The Neo Soul Project

リリース : 2005/03
配給会社・レーベル : DJ Consortium
The plight of the independent musician has been well documented. Faced with a driving passion to present his craft, stymied by lack of funding and ample resources, many never reach the coveted pinnacle of acclaimed recognition. Dreams deferred, these artisans are left in self doubt and devoid of fulfillment. In a most unorthodox fashion, one man has singlehandedly given the "Unheralded" center stage. DJ Come of Age is a pioneer,a phenom whose vision became a concept all its own. In simple terms, find music which is beautiful and promote it as one. Without boundaries and strained classification he allies himself with stellar, soulful artists from the world over. As a collective of musicians, producers, DJs, poets, and models, the promotion of their works is shared by all. "Our love for the music is impetus enough. It's something we live and breathe. In the same way we collect and cherish, we long to share and be heard. The energy once used to "compete" with others is now used to constructively establish ourselves. It's much easier and beneficial to uplift one another than waste time being negative and vain. The key for us was to target outlets willing to give us an ear. The foundation was already established with each respective fan base so it was easy to grow from there." Listen to the DJ Come of Age podcast now at http://djcoa.libsyn.com . The show is also available on iTunes .



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